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BLVSH (pronounced |blʌʃ|) means blossoming, blooming, coming to life. Created for the exposure, peer support, and promotion of new FLINTGA* talents, our Berlin-based DJ collective is committed in contributing to a much needed increase in the visibility of women, trans and non-binary folks and their blossoming in a still male-dominated clubbing scene. As a DJ/producer collective, the BLVSH crew is available for DJ gigs, live performances and panel discussions. Contact:

Monthly residency on Refuge Worldwide and monthly open decks at Pepsi Boston Bar (SchwuZ).

[FINTA* stands for: Female, Inter, Non-binary, Trans, Genderqueer and Agender people]



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Resistance, tolerance, diversity, equality, inclusion, community.
That is what we fight for and what we want to bring in the music scene, through BLVSH. As long as we’ll hear and see cases of discrimination, on line-ups, in clubs or other venues, we’ll know that our mission must continue to exist, to create inclusive safes spaces of dialogue, experimentation and knowledge-sharing. Another way is possible, the status quo has to change. It’s time to reclaim our space.



Leftfield Bass

I started DJing and producing in spaces & courses made for women, trans and non-binary folks. It was the only way for me to feel safe and confident enough to do so. With BLVSH we want to create the same kind of spaces where experienced and less-experienced artists from underrepresented genders can support each other. This results in a strong network against sexism in the electronic music scene.




In a perfect world one would not judge people on the basis of gender&race identities and would just treat everyone around nice and slow... Unfortunately, the reality, especially in the music business, is quite opposite and I want to think that BLVSH and alike collectives/spaces contribute to the common goal of changing the situation for the better. 




Although the landscape of the electronic music industry has changed massively in the last years, there is still a big need for collectives like BLVSH to support, encourage and promote new talents. I never would have started DJing myself had I not seen other women doing it and lifting each other up along the way. We want to contribute to creating a more welcoming, fair and positive environment for new artists to learn from each other and thrive without feeling excluded or judged.



I started DJing something over a year ago and can't wait to see where it will take me. With BLVSH we support other artists at the beginning of their journey through radio, open decks and mentoring sessions.




Growing up in Berlin and witnessing the scene in Berlin since I was a teenager, I've been able to see the increasing diversity in lineups over the years. Nevertheless, I still sometimes see club nights announced with little to no (gender) diversity, especially when it comes to BIPOC FLINTA artists. We still need a substantial change in the structures of the electronic music scene, not only with the artists represented on line ups, but also in other crucial roles such as club and label owners, promoters, bookers, music journalists and so on.



Founded in early 2020, BLVSH has grown to become a platform and network dedicated to promoting FLINTGA-talents through mixes, radio shows and events (online & offline). The collective also gives vinyl- and digital-mixing workshops to women, trans and non-binary folks and puts on feminist exhibitions in order to create interdisciplinary spaces where artists come to exchange and connect.

You can catch us on Refuge Worldwide where we have a discussion-based show in which we invite members of the Berlin music scene to talk to us about their work.

We additionally publish mixes monthly from FLINTGA DJs and producers on our Soundcloud as well as written interviews and/or additional content like photos, videos, playlists, resources etc on our website. The goal being to do a more "in depth" showcase of the various actors working on making a positive impact in the electronic music scene.

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Would you like to collaborate with us for an event, panel discussion, feature, workshop etc?
Or do you have ideas on how to improve our work for more inclusiveness in the music scene?
Just send us an e-mail!

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